Watkins Stereoview Titles
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Carleton E. Watkins early series of Stereoviews

Use the page navigation at left to browse the listings. In this section, titles are divided into pages of 100 titles each, organized according to Watkins' original view numbers.

Contents of the list:

This series covers Watkins' original series of views. These are generally considered to be views numbered between 1 and 2800. No captions have been seen for the 2800 and 2900 series. Watkins "New Series" begins with views numbered 3000 and above and contains those images produced and published after 1875.

If a title is not known it is left blank. It is possible, however, that many of the numbers were never used. Watkins may have reserved blocks of numbers and then used only a portion of them.

This list is a work in progress. Titles and images will continue to be added as they are found. If you have a title for one of the unknowns, you are welcome to submit it for inclusion here.

A page of unnumbered or untitled views appears at the end. As their titles and numbers are identified they will be moved into the list.