Unnumbered View - Fourteenth Industrial Exhibition, Mechanics' Institute, 1879
Photographers number:Unnumbered
Title:Fourteenth Industrial Exhibition, Mechanics' Institute, 1879
Notes:C. E. Watkins Photographic Display
Upper left panel: California Missions, Southern California, Arizona
Upper center panel: S.F. Chinatown and Palace Hotel, Yosemite, Southern California, (stereoviews) Big Trees
Upper right panel: San Francisco city views, Cliff House
Lower panels: Yosemite Mammoth Plates (left and right), Mt. Shasta and Lassen's Butte (center)
Photographer:Carleton E Watkins
Publisher:Carleton Watkins
Image courtesy of:The Society of California Pioneers
Tags:California | Dated View | Exhibition | Photography Related | San Francisco | San Francisco County | Watkins Biography Relevant
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